Consumer Collections

We work with businesses to prompt customers who are seriously in arrears to make payment before they are listed as a bad debt. 
We make contact with your overdue customers and aim to recover the maximum amount of overdue debt. With the right data, we apply an appropriate recovery strategy, depending on the nature of the debt, its age and size, and the particulars of your customer. We use every customer contact available - telephone, letter, visits by field agents and finally by applying legal enforcement.

You win

The results? We improve your debt recovery rates, free up your internal resources and improve cash flow and profitability.

Third party Debt recovery

In Third Party Debt Recovery, our fees are negotiable and can be commission based or fee for service, relating back to performance. You retain ownership of the debt and Baycorp acts as your agent in dealing with your defaulting customers.
Our fees are commission-based and performance -related and are only charged once the debt is successfully recovered. Recovered funds are held on your behalf in an audited trust account and paid to the client according to our service level agreement.

All business, all sectors

We have experience with businesses of all sizes and industry sectors - including banks, financial services, health care, government, utilities, technology & telecommunications, transport, commercial and retail.

Commercial Collections

Commercial or Business to Business debt collection requires a specialist set of skills. That’s because commercial debts are generally of a greater value than Consumer Debt and involve negotiating with a more sophisticated type of Debtor.
Add the involvement of different legal entities and multiple parties (including guarantors and directors) to the mix and it’s clear that more complex collection strategies are needed to achieve results when recovering this kind of debt.

A delicate balance

Baycorp understands the specialist skills needed for successful Commercial Debt collection and has a dedicated Commercial collections team who are trained to deliver the best outcome for your business.
They manage each individual debt case and consult with you every step of the way on the best strategies to achieve the delicate balance of optimising cash collection without damaging important business relationships.